HSB Living Lab

HSB Living Lab is a unique research and collaboration project of 12 partners in the built environment sector. The Living Lab is built as a residential building with 29 apartments for students and guest researchers on the campus of Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden. The involved partners, the available sensor systems, and the established processes all aim to facilitate and develop sustainable solutions for the future of living.

Active research projects

Byggnadsintegrerade solceller Byggnadsintegrerade solce... Byggnadsintegrerade sol... Byggnadsintegre...

Share Hub - Phase 1 Share Hub - Phase 1 Share Hub - Phase 1 Share Hub - Pha...

Swap Cube - Phase 1 Swap Cube - Phase 1 Swap Cube - Phase 1 Swap Cube - Pha...

Bio-blend protoype testing Bio-blend protoype testin... Bio-blend protoype test... Bio-blend proto...

Lägenhetsmoln Lägenhetsmoln Lägenhetsmoln Lägenhetsmoln

Design för hållbar beteendeförändring Design för hållbar beteen... Design för hållbar bete... Design för håll...

Processflödesimulering textilvård Processflödesimulering te... Processflödesimulering... Processflödesim...

FJÄRRVÄRME i Lågtemperatursystem FJÄRRVÄRME i Lågtemperatu... FJÄRRVÄRME i Lågtempera... FJÄRRVÄRME i Lå...

Mycelium Acoustics - PHASE 1 Mycelium Acoustics - PHAS... Mycelium Acoustics - PH... Mycelium Acoust...

ReFREsHMENT cupboard Demonstators ReFREsHMENT cupboard Demo... ReFREsHMENT cupboard De... ReFREsHMENT cup...

MORE BY LESS: Litteraturstudie om slut- användarnas beteende att konsumera energi MORE BY LESS: Litteraturs... MORE BY LESS: Litteratu... MORE BY LESS: L...


Indoor Environmental Quality Indoor Environmental Qual... Indoor Environm... Indoo...

In-wall In-wall In-wall In-wa...

Electrical energy Electrical energy Electrical ener... Elect...

Weather Station Weather Station Weather Station Weath...

Facade weather stations Facade weather stations Facade weather... Facad...

Water flow Water flow Water flow Water...

Positioning Positioning Positioning Posit...

Heating Heating Heating Heati...

Ventilation Ventilation Ventilation Venti...

Waste water Waste water Waste water Waste...


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HLL Partners


Stefan Andersson


Shea Hagy

Johanneberg Science Park

Maria Ådahl


Peter Elfstrand


Kristina Gabrielii

Akademiska Hus

Susanne Malmgren


Linnéa Källgård


Mattias Johansson

Bengt Dahlgren

Henrik Jönsson

Göteborg Energi

Claes Sommansson


Christopher Overton


Martin Linnér

About us

While the 1st and 2nd generations of living labs focused on materials, technologies and systems with limited interaction with users, the aim of the 3rd generation is to optimise the interface with people in a reality-based situation. 3rd generation living labs require specific processes and infrastructures for integrated research thinking and systems to be built into an inhabited building. Co-creation and open innovation promote and create new models and procedures for collaboration with a view to increasing innovative thinking in the built housing environment.

We're partly funded by Climate-KIC, Europe’s largest public-private innovation partnership working together to address the challenge of climate change.

HSB Living Lab is one of multiple BTA Living Labs

Shea Hagy

Project Manager HSB Living Lab

Christian Marx

Project lead, Home Energy Management

Madeleine Malmsten

Project assistant

Frida Bard

Project assistant

Catharina Björk

Communications Officer

Angela Sasic Kalagasidis

Biträdande professor i byggnadsfysik at Chalmers

Holger Wallbaum

Hållbart byggande at Chalmers